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I am a writer with an interest in the representation of families of offenders in art and literature.

In a previous capacity, I have campaigned (as someone with lived experience) to highlight the situation faced by families affected by the fallout of the Knock. My work has been used by charities, featured anonymously in the media (including the BBC) and referred to by MPs in parliamentary debate.

I have an MA in Creative Writing, and I am a writing mentor, also available for hire as a blogger. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

I run a free writing group for family members affected by the fallout of the Knock. It’s in the early stages of development, with our third group scheduled for next month. Please see the blog post here for more info.

You can see my other posts if you scroll down this page.

Please do follow me on Twitter. I block porn and bot accounts. Everyone else is welcome.

I hope that this blog will evolve and grow over time, will be enlightening, thought-provoking and helpful to anyone with an interest in reading about underrepresented people, and to anyone with a desire to write about their own journey.

I would love to hear from anyone who is writing about ‘the Knock’ or writing about being a family member of someone who committed a crime, or indeed anyone who is writing about their professional experience of working in the fallout of the Knock. I have personal experience as a family member affected by the Knock as well as being a writer. Please do contact me via email

I am also interested in hearing from anyone who has examples of creative work that would be relevant for discussion here.

This blog will explore;

  • Elements of creative writing. How can we express our experiences through writing? How can the voices of the marginalised be heard? And how can we use our experiences to improve our own life circumstances as well as those of others?
  • Fictional representation of indirect/secondary victims/ families of offenders
  • The voice of the child in fiction related to the above
  • Real-life accounts from diverse voices impacted by the Knock especially those who have been overlooked by mainstream media. Accounts such as Susannah’s Story.
  • Stories about online harms
  • Fiction relating to vigilantes
  • Fiction regarding the fallout of media exposure
  • Fiction relating to social services and social worker involvement with families, especially told from the point of view of the family
  • General reading (fiction & nonfiction) that I have found interesting, inspiring and thought-provoking
  • Reading for healing


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